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About us

About Us

Welcome on the website of our store !!          
We are hotheads and collectors of JAWA motorcycles.       
We love what we do, we love motorcycles and live and breathe this. Over the years our passion turned into day-to-day work in which we put a lot of heart and time.
The offer of our store includes spare parts, selected based on our knowledge and experience to meet your expectations, which are necessary and very useful when renovating your motorcycle.     
All spare parts and motorcycles presented on the website are our property and are stored in our warehouse.

 If you search for parts which you cannot see in our store, please sent an individual inquiry using the contact form on our website or contact us directly via an e-mail.


About us cont'd


 In our store you will find parts to JAWA/ČZ motorcycles from 1929–1990. We select the assortment so as to ensure that the quality of sold products meet expectations of our customers. We constantly have a several thousand of parts in our warehouse. If you look for parts that are not available on our website, write or call. We will complement our product range. In our store you will find descriptions concerning the country of origin of parts.  


We operate in the field of professional renovation of parts, as well as entire Jawa/ČZ motorcycles.   Thanks to our passion and experience you can be sure that your motorcycle is in good hands.   We operate in a complex way. We care for details, top quality execution, visual appearance and technical condition of your motorcycle.


As Jawa/ČZ enthusiasts and hobbyists we know that, some parts are very difficult to obtain, so we manufacture and replicate spare parts. In particular for Jawa motorcycles from 1930–1950. They are produces strictly following the original model and documentation. We care for details and quality of execution.   You will find parts produced by us in our store. We also make parts on request.

Purchases, payment, delivery

Prices of goods in the store include VAT.
Prices specified in the store may be changed should market conditions change. The Buyer may choose to pay in EUR, PLN, CZK or USD.    
After the Buyer submits the order, we inform about the progress of its implementation on the current basis:
1. We confirm the received order by e-mail.
2. We confirm the total value of the order along with shipment costs. 
3. The Buyer selects the form of payment – bank transfer, payment on delivery. When paying by bank transfer the Customer makes payment to the bank account of the Store. Costs of bank transfer are covered by the Customer.
4. If the product is paid for by bank transfer, we send it after the respective amount is credited to the bank account of the Store.
5. When the product is paid on delivery, we send it after the Customer accepts all conditions for the implementation of the order.

 All shipments are insured. He Buyer is obliged to unpack and check the shipment at its acceptance,  Otherwise complaints regarding shipments will not be considered. Orders are implemented through shipping. There is a possibility to collect the product in person at our warehouse, after prior arrangement of the visit via phone or e-mail.

Complaints/termination of the agreement

Fill out the complaint form, along with a proof of purchase (a receipt or invoice) and attach to the sent product.
The faulty product along with a proof of purchase and the completed complaint form should be sent to the following address: Kamil Kurpiel, ul. JAdama Mickiewicza 110, 37-514 Tuczempy                                                                             Maximally in 14 business days we will inform you of the further course of the complaint. 

Fill out the agreement termination form, and send it to [email protected] or print and attach to the sent product.
Return products.
Upon receipt of the returned products and positive verification of their condition, we will refund the amount due for the purchase. 

Details of the complaint process and termination of the agreement (returns) can be found in "Regulations of the Store" and in "Information about right to terminate the Agreement" attached below.

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